The Queen

Queen Milky: Milky Pixel

Nicknames: Queen, Milky

Birthday: 02 December 1989

Star Sign/Chinese Zodiac: Sagittarius/Snake

Blood Type: A+

Likes: My dog, desserts, gymming, Beat Saber

Dislikes: Bad smells, extreme temperatures, passive aggressiveness, mosquitos

Favourite Food: Patbingsoo, KBBQ

Favourite Colour: Purple!

Pets: PORO! (Dog Breed: Japanese Spitz)

About: MilkyPixel has been an avid streamer on Twitch since 2014 and has long had the vision to create an all inclusive community for gamers and industry professionals alike since high school. Finally being able to realise it has further motivated Milky to continuously uphold her standards of production for both OPXLA and herself and ensure the journey is only just starting here! Milky is completely dedicated to turning OPXLA into the vision she had imagined it to be. Milky believes that justice will come those who have who put the hard work and dedication into their craft and be rewarded for it. She strives everyday to better herself and build OPXLA for everyone to enjoy and be a part of something special!

Socials:  Twitch | Youtube |Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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