OPXLA Launch Media Release

OPXLA to launch and create an all inclusive community starting with the video game industry in Oceania.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA milkypixel will launch The Official Pixel Army (OPXLA) on February 14th, 2019; desiring to create an organisation within Oceania to all inclusively empower the people of the video games industry and community to create a positive impact on society.

While OPXLA was only founded on Sunday 26th of August 2018, the idea for OPXLA came to milkypixel in her final year of high school. But it was only in the midst of completing her business degree, she later laid the entire plan out in mid 2014. “As I was writing the articles within the project, the vision fell into place. But at the time, I could only dream of starting a business that has the potential to do so much good. Coming together as a community and industry, I hope that we can really create major change for the better… for everyone.”

Inclusivity is a major driving force for OPXLA, as Hyperion elaborates: “Gaming communities can be very myopic in their inclusion of people from all different walks of life, which to me, is the opposite of what being a gamer represents. Gaming is for everybody, and I think it’s important to strive for that kind of inclusion, and the positivity that comes along with it, within a community.”

SKYLXRK is excited to see positivity flourish within the gaming industry. “When I became involved in this project, I was glad to see a person like milkypixel at the helm. It was an easy decision to help such a skilled, charismatic individual realise her dreams of an inclusive, positive community. With milkypixel as the driving force behind OPXLA, there is no doubt in my mind that the outcome will be a caring, supportive group of people, where all will be welcome, cared for, and listened to.”

Kistrix believes “online communities can too often be places that are just founded on common interests, but lacking integrity, core values and any real sense of mateship. Gaming organisations can be so much more than that, and done right they add real connection, meaning and value to our lives.” She adds, “I am thrilled to see a value-based, community gaming organisation begin to flourish with OPXLA.”

OPXLA aims to go further than just the launch of a discord server. Blood, sweat, tears, and more have gone into the planning of this community. OPXLA has only just launched, but have things like merchandise, meetups, charity events, and partnerships with other gaming companies to give back to the members and community in the pipeline – and so much more.

To apply to be a part of OPXLA, go to opxla.com/apply

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