Member Information

For applicants:

Welcome! We are so happy that you are considering joining OPXLA! To make this a community with a common goal, membership is application only. This is just to get to know you, as well as try our best to weed out anyone with ill intentions.

In order to keep everyone in the community safe; we have created a set of Terms and Conditions that all prospective members must agree to upon application submission. You can find the Terms and Conditions linked here and on the Member and Moderator application forms.

  • OPXLA Terms and Conditions for Members
  • OPXLA Terms and Conditions for Moderators

We hope to see you on the Discord soon! ♥

For existing members:

We hope you are enjoying OPXLA! We made this community with the aim of bringing together content creators from all ends of the internet, and hopefully you have seen benefits from joining us!

If you have any concerns, queries, suggestions, etc. about how the community is running, feel free to CONTACT US. ♥

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